The Pound of Music

STOMP motion comes to the Orpheum

By Merilyn Jackson Thursday, Jun 14 2001

Audiences for STOMP, the dance and percussion spectacle that swept the globe in the 1990s, range in age from toddler to octogenarian.

It’s no accident these hooligans of dance have such broad appeal. Before STOMP, there was stomp from A to Z: Appalachian Stomp, Kansas City Stomp, Louis Armstrong‘s Mahogany Hall Stomp, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown‘s Okie Dokie Stomp, and Zydeco Stomp. I can still do the DovellsBristol Stomp — the rage for pre-Beatlemania teens. By the time STOMP, the phenom, arrived, the stomp concept was stamped on our collective consciousness like an S.O.S. laid out in gunpowder on a beach.