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By Jennifer Lin

Inquirer Staff Writer

HARRISBURG – After four years, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board finally ran out of patience with the Foxwoods Casino project.

In a decision that shocked Foxwoods’ attorneys and left anti-casino activists giddy with victory, the commissioners voted, 6-1, Thursday to strip the project of its $50 million slots license.

What will happen next, no one knows.

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And my remarks on it:

Saving the S.S. United States

I couldn’t be more delighted that someone, i.e., Gerry Lenfest, has finally taken up my idea to convert the S.S. United States into a gambling hall (for the news story, click here) rather than allow Foxwoods to impose its imbecilic design further north on Delaware Avenue. (See “A shipboard casino for Philadelphia,” BSR, August 2009.)
If another casino in Philadelphia is inevitable, this ship couldn’t be a better place for it. The United States already has the potential of becoming a fabulously famous tourist attraction. Even at its current berth, it would cause fewer traffic/crime problems in the surrounding neighborhoods, as traffic could be funneled to it from the south, allowing the less used Oregon and Packer Avenues to take the brunt.
I do hope that Lenfest and other investors will prevail and, if so, use some of my visions for the ship as a glamorous, upscale hotel, dining and entertainment destination, rather than just gambling— which, as we are already seeing at Sugarhouse, draws mostly the most desperate. Above all, parking attendants should be at the entrances to ensure that no children are in any cars entering.
Merilyn Jackson
South Philadelphia
December 12, 2010

Dear Unelected Officials:

I live not far from the proposed Foxwoods site. I shop at IKEA, Lowe’s, Home Depot and other businesses along Delaware Ave. (Columbus Blvd.)  The traffic congestion is already such that I plan my shopping for late evening on Mondays through Thursdays. Saturdays and Sundays are impossible.

It is inconceivable to me and my neighbors that you in other parts of the state, who have no experience of our neighborhood, would take it upon yourselves to shove an unwanted business down our throats. The area between 8th  and 4th Streets and from Oregon to Washington is populated by mostly very poor people who will no doubt be lured to spend their welfare checks at a casino that can walk to. Many have large families and the children will surely suffer when money for food is gambled away. You need only go to Atlantic City to see the low-income and elderly populations that the casino industry preys upon and, moreover, how depressed that city is. Gambling only furthered the decline of Atlantic City.

I am not against gambling. For some who can afford it and have self-control, I say if they are stupid enough to gamble let them be free to do so. But I am against putting the opportunity to do so so close to family neighborhoods, the poor and elderly and schools.

There are plenty of other sites outside of Philadelphia that would be more suitable. You have already blighted our city with Sugarhouse and its low-income “jobs.” Rest easy that you have done enough damage to a city you seem to hate and that we love. Neither Foxwoods nor any other casino-entity will serve our wonderful city well. Have mercy on us and revoke Foxwoods license and grant none to any other investors.


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