Takes. Everything new is old again, unless it’s newer. In Takes, dancer/choreographer Nichole Canuso uses a Sol LeWitt-style cube, as have others recently. LeWitt, the late conceptual artist, still fascinates the dance world, having started the trend of image overlay 31 years ago in Lucinda Childs’ Dance, which anchors the festival next weekend.

Canuso squares her filmy cube with media artist Lars Jan’s installation (in which, during the day, you can make your own performance by reservation). Jan’s technical and artistic wizardry perfectly follows an indeterminacy principle mirroring Canuso’s deliberately indeterminate choreography. His live projections transfer Canuso and actor/dancer Dito van Reigersberg into quadruple takes on the enclosure’s “walls.” Wherever you are sitting (or walking – it encourages), Van Reigersberg’s image might loom vertically, like a cinematic Rorschach, from one corner while Canuso’s odalisque-like body floats around the sides.


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