Just read your Druid article and had a good laugh and see your point, of course. But the Inquisition, Crusades et al were far longer ago than nine years— not that that makes them any less heinous. In this case I have yet to hear the American Muslim community decry Jihad or religious Fatwahs. Did one prominent Muslim ever speak out on behalf of Salmon Rushdie? I would even suggest they build and use the community center as a place of asylum for those abused in the name of Islam. That includes women and girls under threat of clitoredectomy. That would be a fitting memorial to the Muslims murdered on 9/11.


Practice: Type I (commonly referred to as clitoridectomy), Type II (commonly referred to as excision) and Type III (commonly referred to as infibulation) are the most common forms of female genital mutilation (FGM) or female genital cutting (FGC) practiced in Nigeria. Type IV is practiced to a much lesser extent. The form practiced varies by ethnic group and geographical location. It crosses the numerous population groups and is a part of the many cultures, traditions and customs that exist in Nigeria . It crosses the lines of various religious groups. It is found among Christians, Muslims and Animists alike.


NOTE: although this cites the use of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) as practiced by Christians (not a group I would normally defend) I can cite Catholic apologetics and religious teachings which condemn the practice as a sin or crime.

an estimated 97 percent of Egyptian women have undergone the harmful practice of female genital mutilation (“circumcision”), which was banned by the Minister of Health in 1996. Egyptian and international institutions are now mobilising to reduce its spread. http://www.afrol.com/html/News2003/egy001_fgm_campaign.htm

“Every disgusting Islamic custom is not only coming to the West, it’s on the rise. Like honor killings — they are skyrocketing in the west. To the credit of the UK, at least they are talking about it. It’s happening here but to speak of it would insult CAIR….In the case of clitorectomies, if they insist upon such torturous mutilation, we should insist upon reciprocity. For every clit, a johnson.” Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs

I second that motion.