The #16 tooth came out Aug 10! By Dr. Daniel Taub who also debrided all the infection, fixed a hole in the sinus (blown by the extraction of the #15 tooth in front on May 10 — they make you sign a release because that can happen) and a biopsy and ten stitches, put me back on another course of Amox-clav. I was right, there was lingering infection throughout BUT BEC I DIDN’T HAVE A FEVER no one seemed to believe me. Arthur and I both like this guy Taub at Jeff. A shame I didn’t get to him in April when they messed up my appt. But I doubt he would have gone in this thoroughly without as good an understanding of my case he now has. even with the pain from the surgery I can tell its different. And my brain is working better. The stitches come out Friday and I am able to drive, work and think, I think. So that’s the mortal f–king pain I was living with. I’ll never know how I got through my poetry workshops in that condition.

And I want to know why neither Dr. Barry Rhome nor Dr. Allen Shaw could not have suggested I have this done. Both told me they couldn’t help me. When Dr. Taub said “Look, as long as I have you under for the extraction, I’m going in all the way from the #16 to the #12 to see what’s going on,” I nearly dropped to my knees to kiss his shoes. I said “What made you think of that?” He said, “Just seems like the logical thing to do.” Bless his heart and his family forever.