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“Carrie Nation and Associates pray behind grated doors.  Wichita, Kansas, on September 30, Carrie Nation, Mrs. Lucy Wilhoite, Mrs. Lydia Mounts and Mrs. Mary McHenry broke two large plate glass windows in the Mahan Wholesale Co. Is warehouse today.  They were arrested and are now in jail.  The women have been in prayer most of the time since their arrest.

From the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
By Joe Blackstock, Our Past
Created: 05/11/2006 09:34:10 PM PDT
L.C. and Lucy Wilhoite lived their lives deeply devoted to combating one of society’s evils — demon rum — and they weren’t shy about getting into a fight about it.Before they came to live in Upland in the 1920s and 1930s, Lucy Wilhoite was twice jailed in Kansas with prohibitionist Carrie Nation, after they used hatchets to break up saloons in Wichita.

Lucy Wilhoite later came West and became a minister, still continuing the fight against booze as president of San Bernardino County’s Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.

One day in 1932, her 83-year-old husband got into an argument with a man about Prohibition and was arrested for threatening him and using profane language. City Attorney Edward E. Gray said Wilhoite was ‘‘intoxicated with anger.”

Given the choice of a $60 fine or 30 days in jail, he stubbornly chose the latter.


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