French Dance Company – “Cie Herve-Gil” to perform in Philadelphia at The Drake Theatre.
“Fleurs De Cimetiere et autres sornettes”.
Performed by Parisian women 50-65 years old.
October 28, 29, 30 at 7:30 p.m in English
…October 30 at 2 pm in French
Drake Theatre -1512 Spruce St.-Philadelphia, Pa. 19106.

“So that old age won’t become a parody of our former life, there’s only one solution, to keep on chasing ends that give a meaning to one’s life.”
Simone de Beauvoir

Under different skies, old age is synonymous of wisdom. In the western world – a land that denies death – it means decrepitude. Especially for woman. But what becomes of a dancer, an even keener subject to others’ glance, when she reaches those shady shores? Who better than her, just like Winnie in Happy Days, could suffer from having always been just as she still is, and so different from what she once was? After all, yes, fifty is a fine age to ask those questions, to listen a little more carefully to that body which indeed has new needs that, let’s admit it, lead to some kind of creative idleness. Idleness? When respect and attention to that living memory in constant evolution has even more to say? These fifty years, even though going unnoticed, better be noteworthy. Because if not, what would be the point of aging? MHG

“Fleurs de Cimetière” performed at the Avignon Festival, July 2009, and have since toured in France with performances scheduled to May 2011, as well as the Edinburgh Festival August 2011.
A tour in Taïwan is scheduled for spring 2012.

Cie Herve-Gil has performed numerous times in the US.
Between 1989 and 1993 at the American Dance Festival, Jacob’s Pillow, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
This year the company is celebrating their love of Philadelphia!
– the anniversary of Cie Herve-Gil: 25 years old!
– the anniversary of Choreographer Myriam Herve-Gil – working in Philadelphia for 20 years!
-20 years ago, Susan Glazer & Uarts invited the company (at this time the name was “La P’tite Cie”) to perform at The Drake Theater.
-Myriam was invited numerous times as a guest choreographer and teacher at Uarts, and created numerous pieces for the students.
-Last time Cie Herve-Gil performed was in Philadelphia in January 2007, invited by Melanie Stewart to present a duo in her New FEstival.

Contact: Susan Gish for more information: [email protected] – 215-592-7575.
Myriam Herve-Gil: – [email protected]

There is no phone number for reservations as the company is in France.
Walk-ins before each performance are encouraged.
Tickets are $15.00.
If you have a group you may email the company in France: [email protected]
Reviewers may contact Susan Gish at the above email for comp arrangements.

“They’re wonderful, the seven of them, the body might be a little tired but the gesture is precise, generous and derisive. Myriam Herve-Gil, the choreographer and director presents delicate solos, duets and trios, the dancers dance in the present tense, never in the past. They are alive, radiant. Suzanne Schmidt, the actress suggests life sparkling, love fidgeting. It is all joyful and genuine. With the pleasure to be here, to make do, with
dance, with life” L’HUMANITE, M-JS

“An author, an actress, a choreographer and her dancers who have managed to create emotion. Tears spring up. There’s nothing tragic though. Only time passing by. On stage there’s no acting, only people being true. This
show was (without the shadow of a doubt) the most surprising because of its freshness, its grace and its richness”. LA DEPECHE DE L’AUBE, Jean Lefévre

“This show, Fleurs de Cimetière, is moving from the start. To gather seven dancers, beautiful but no spring chicken either, is a significant act. The question of aging women’s suffering and wounds is asked with force and lightness. Nothing is spared to us, and yet we keep smiling, to the end. A show for women and women loving men”
AVIGNON NEWS, Anne-Marie GoulaySee