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Hello Dancers & dance PR peeps,

Once again it’s time to troll for dance events for the Inquirer’s annual FALL GUIDE. We are looking for the following:

Dance Concerts that take place between September 20 & December 31, 2010 mainly in Philadelphia, but will consider including interesting stuff in the Tri-County area.

That means: NO dance that takes place during the LA/Fringe festival — that will already have been covered — though you may and should send me your LA/Fringe events separately.

We need to have the what, who, when, where by August 12. Anything that comes in after will not have much chance of being included unless it’s DYNOMITE and blows up my screen and jumps out and grabs me by the throat and screams “COVER ME this is a once in a lifetime event.”

We will not include workshops, works in progress, lec/dems and the like, but only concerts open to the public.

I have included everyone I have in my address book and am sorry if I have missed anyone. If I have, please let me know and send me your contact info to [email protected]. Also please share this with the rest of the community. We hate leaving out something great because we didn’t hear about it in time. I am asking Steve to kindly post this on the PhillyDance website as well. Can’t wait to hear whatch’all got up your sleevees this year…

Merilyn Jackson

Posted on Fri, Jul. 23, 2010

By Merilyn Jackson

For The Inquirer

Scene from ‘Journey of the Day’ by Matthew Prescott Dancers (L to R):Kevin Yee-Chan, Laura Feig, Colby Damon, Tobin Del Cuore, Anitra Keegan, Tara Keating and Jennifer Goodman. BalletX

No matter how great the choreography, without the right dancers to breathe life into it, a dance can go flat as a souffle when the oven door is opened too soon.

No worries at the Wilma Theater Wednesday night when BalletX opened its summer run. All 10 of the company’s current lineup whipped themselves to great heights and sustained excellence.

BalletX at the Wilma Theater through Sunday, July 25th, 2010

See for ticket info

or call Box Office: (215) 893-9456


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