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A’aliyah Khan and Okewa Garrett of Eleone Dance Theatre, which used a Pew grant to develop the program.
Posted on Tue, May. 4, 2010

By Merilyn Jackson

For The Inquirer

Eleone Dance Theatre premiered a wonderful reconstruction of Katherine Dunham’s Americana Suite Saturday afternoon at Freedom Theatre, showing it can perform at a fully professional level, though most of the program did not rise that high.
Eleone, having received a $46,000 grant from the Pew Foundation’s Dance Advance to rebuild parts of Dunham’s revue-style suite, brought in former Dunham dancers Ruby Streate, of the Katherine Dunham Center, and Glory Van Scott to oversee the project.

A “Prologue” got it off on the right foot with a joyful demonstration of Dunham movement: the guys jumping higher than the gals’ heads, the gals rotating their wrists along with their hips, that rib-pumping thing goin’ on, a whole lotta stomping, and shimmying down to their knees.



I’d Like to Buy the World a Kosher Meal

By Merilyn Jackson Thursday, Mar 28 2002

When I was 16, I met a handsome guy with a perfect shiny black pompadour who told me his name was Alan Conti. Three weeks later he confessed that his real name was Alan Waldman. He was Jewish, not Italian, and had been afraid I wouldn’t go out with him if I knew he was Jewish.
Years later I told the story to my friend Doug Kahn, who asked if I continued to date Alan.
“Of course,” I said, “I had a big crush on him. And he was in hairdressing school, so he did my mother’s and aunt’s hair when he came over. By then, despite my family’s prejudices, he had inveigled his way into their hearts.”
Doug’s double takes were always swift. “He imbagled his way?”


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