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Wednesday, Fringe Fest opening day:

Making my way over from one reception to another I stop in Findings on Race Street. There I spy a rather abstract, faceless head. Turns out to be a Victorian hat mold.  I decide on the spot it’s one of the perfect gifts for my husband’s birthday. He loves Kandinsky and this head had a strange Kandinskyesque quality to it. Also it is made of balsam — my husband is a heavy thinker so I thought, hmm, maybe this’ll lighten him up. But I don’t buy it. Too bulky to carry around. I’ll come back Friday.

Later at Bald Mermaids most of the wonderful dancers who filled Smoke’s basement performance space with archetypal feminine imagery have shaved heads.  In one piece, as my colleague Miriam Seidel, put it in her review, They brought new meaning to the term couch dancing.”  Still I kept thinking of that hat mold.  I should go get it before it’s snatched by someone else.  But it gets late so my companions and I check out the Fringe opening party for the time it takes to down a beer and then we check out of Old City for the night…To be continued

Nov. 9, at Polish consulate: journalists John Darnton, Dan Rather, Bill Wheatley, Andrew Gorski and others told funny stories of coverage of Solidarnosc hosted by former journalist, Consul General Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka. Leading Solidarnosc architect and advisor to the the current Polish president, Komorowski, Henryk Wujek and the scamp of the underground press, Konstanty Gebert, AKA David Warsawski, also spoke. Gebert eluded police for years while playfully confounding them. After the fall of communism he resurrected the Jewish community in Warsaw finding, to his his shock and theirs, many friends with Jewish ancestry. I supported Solidarnosc for eight years because of its public declaration of being anti-anti-Semitic in its famous list of 21…

Video of first event for 30 Year Anniversary at the Polish Consulate. Great clips of my friend Elizabeth Sachs who was colleague with Henryk Wujek and Jacek Kuron, Solidarity leaders. Nathaniel Czarnecki, my escort for the event is seen weaving through the background as am I. Nathaniel is the son of the Reuters photo-journalist, Joseph Czarnecki, who took the most famous photos of the period.

On November 9th, 2010, the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York, in cooperation with the Overseas Press Club of America, celebrated the 30th anniversary of the founding of Solidarnosc with a reunion of several U.S. foreign correspondents who witnessed the birth of the independent trade union.

Are you also related to this nutcase? She clearly is the ancestor of the Tea-Party. For that I heartily apologize to the American public…

Lucy Casad Wilhoite born April 8 1856, died? Married Louis Wilhoite born after 1840

Children: Jasmine, (my grandmother, mother of Edwin Philip Jackson, died 1979) Gladys and Harold Wilhoite all born after 1880

The letter to Carrie Nation:

My life was despaired of by my friends and I knew I was very near the borderland, and as I lay on my bed of suffering in the still hour of midnight, God showed me the awful desolation which our thirty eight saloons and five wholesale houses were making in the homes of Wichita and surrounding country, The sight so overwhelmed me, I cried unto the Lord and said, “Oh my God! Have I done all I could during this life of mine to dam up this fearful tide? Then I said, show me Lord, what this means. Immediately a great cloud of human souls came rolling down a steep decline and as my eyes followed them, saw them rolling on and on until they finally fell into a pit from whence fire and smoke were ascending. Then my eyes were turned again up the ascent from whence the souls were coming. When, Lo! I saw the National Capitol, with her Senate and Congressmen. I saw the Legislative Halls, and our Educational Institutions. I saw our churches with her educated ministry, and her secret societies, our public libraries and reading rooms, our National State and Local W. C. T U’s, all of them right in the track of this awful tide of human souls, yet they still rolled on and on until they reached the pit. Then I cried again unto the Lord and said, “Oh, Why do you show me these horrible things, when I am on the brink of the grave? And still the picture or vision remained before me, growing more and more vivid every moment until I struggled to my knees, and said, ‘O God, if I can do anything to dam up this fearful tide, just heal this body, and let the healing be the seal that I can do something to help, and I shall do it if it costs my life. Then a deep calm and soul rest settled over me and I sank into a deep sleep, when I awoke I realized the pain was gone and also the fever. I lay there, looking up to God and I said, “Now, Lord, show me what you want me to do. Immediately, like a great scroll reaching across the sky, these words appeared, written in letters of gold. “Spill it out!” Then he showed me the very place I was to attack Mahan’s Wholesale Liquor House.

“For many weeks I pondered upon this vision and prayed about it most earnestly, that I might not be mistaken and know of a truth that it was God’s will. I never found any soul rest until I wrote to Mrs. Nation, and told her the time was ripe for God and that we must attack Mahan’s Wholesale Liquor House, that was helping to degrade so many women and debase so many men. This resulted in an attempt to carry out God’s purpose on Sept. 30, 1904.

I was true to the “Heavenly Vision,” which is only the beginning of the fulfillment, for there are yet many things to be spilled out, not only the liquor, but also the hypocrites in the church, and the false prophets with sin of every kind, and our lives also.

The Wichita Eagle Reporter, uttered a profound truth, whether he intended to or not, when he said, we walked into the Court Room like a poem, a sort of a ‘Lead Kindly Light’ poem, for we were lead of God, who is the Light of the world. And we intend to follow on until this vision is fully realized.”

Yours for God’s love for Him and suffering humanity,


“Carrie Nation and Associates pray behind grated doors.  Wichita, Kansas, on September 30, Carrie Nation, Mrs. Lucy Wilhoite, Mrs. Lydia Mounts and Mrs. Mary McHenry broke two large plate glass windows in the Mahan Wholesale Co. Is warehouse today.  They were arrested and are now in jail.  The women have been in prayer most of the time since their arrest.


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